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Buying Property In Chania

Crete is an island with one of the best beaches in the world. On its western coast lies a developing area, mostly unspoilt and still undiscovered, and filled with lush greenery as well as a breath taking view of the ocean. This place is known as Chania, the focal center of Crete in the west. It is segregated into two parts:

Until a decade ago, Chania was typically a place not easily accessible to commuters. But with recent changes in services and improvements in the whole of the Crete's economy, more and more people are deciding to move to the area.

Chania is one that will strongly appeal to those longing for a quiet environment, with little traffic and chaos and it's surrounded by a magnificent view of the sea. In a word, it is definitely a good place to live. Many foreigners are considering making Chania their summer hide-away or their retirement home. Additionally, property investments are booming in this part of the region. Buying a property in Chania affords one the ownership of a land whose value increases by a healthy twenty percent increment each year.

The real estate market in Crete is still quite in its infancy stage. But word of mouth and good feedback about this magnificent island has made it possible for developers, builders and agents to make some dreams come true.