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Stavros Villas

Are you planning to spend your time alone, with your friends or family on an island of Greece? Then, Platanias Village of Chania, Crete is the right place. The breathtaking and relaxing view of the beaches and a choice of peaceful or busy nightlife in Platanias Village will surely make your vacation an unforgettable one. Platanias Village is just a few minutes drive from both the harbor and international airport of Chania. Aside from the long sandy beaches of Platanias Village, top of the class tourist facilities are also available. Bars and restaurants offer varieties of the freshest and mouth-watering foods that fit everybody's budget. Family-based businesses also offer self-catering to visitors who prefer a homey atmosphere.

Most visitors who prefer the busy nightlife of Platanias to the more relaxed atmosphere of the nearby beaches while away their time at the Ruin, Rock House, Club Utopia, and Restaurant Therino.

Ruin - 200 meters west of Platanias Village - is a café covered with plants and flowers and provides a naturally-relaxing evening in the midst of busy nightlife in Platanias Village.

Club Utopia a bar that opens at 10pm creates a feeling of adventurism. The different areas of Club Utopia are interconnected with rope bridges with the presence of a river-like construction. Nightlife in Platanias Village is never complete without paying a visit to this lively yet relaxing place.

Another place that opens at 10pm is the Rock House. Rock House's collection of music from 50s to the 90s is the main attraction of the place. Spending nightlife in Platanias Village to the tune of rock and roll, pop and country music is a chance music aficionados will never miss.

Before spending the night dancing, relaxing or listening to the music, Restaurant Therino is the place to go. Located at the seaside, Restaurant Therino is said to have the most delicious food in the area. A dinner at Restaurant Therino will prepare any visitor for the long yet exciting nightlife ahead.

After the buzz of the nightlife, visiting other clubs and disco houses in the area, a peaceful and restful sleep can be spent on the beach of Gerani at Stavros Villas and apartments or at Despina Villas at Agia-marina.